June 30, 2009

Go, Santiago

Don't forget to feed the cat and water the plants, dear!

The Rain in Spain stays mainly on a Plane.

Hitting the road to spend some time living like this:


Blowing kisses, D.

June 28, 2009


Packing stuff. The only good thing about it is, if you have enough time, you get to try on all of the pretty summer clothes your wardrobe keeps in secret during the long cold winter. And there is also something graphic about arranging piles of things on your bed before they go down your bag.
Here are some parts of the travel checklist:

what i'll de needing for sure

1. umbrella/waterproof coat
2. sweater
3. big sunglasses, for the chilly regions' sun has a temper

what i should not even consider packing

1. high healed shoes (that i don't own anyway)
[paved streets mainly]
2. thick beautifully written book
[will have no time to enjoy it properly]
3. iron, even a small one
[cloth wrinckles carry the sweet trace of the air transportation]

Now, when the bag is almost done, D. is off to comply with the indispensable cosy farewell dinner with friends...

June 24, 2009

The Harbour

So,..trips, travels, voyages, escapes, roadmovies: all of that has to start at some point. Well, mine is somewhere beyond the sea. I live on an island, though i don't actually realise it, and although i see seagulls everyday, the beach eather isn't the routine. It's more of wide streets, bridges, underground tunnels, labyrinths of well-courtyards.

If you mix Amsterdam and Venice, and make it colder, bigger, and more baroque, you'll know what i mean here. It's charming, especially now, water splashing against the granite, light at night-time, fancy houses and terrace cafes. And the summer dresses, of course.

By some strange coincidence, i usually take off at night, so, if it's a train, i have to make it to the station before the metro closes at 0.30 or so, and if it's a plane (and the airport is on the other bank), i'm tied to the bridges and navigation schedule, cause you can't cross the big river between 1.30 and 4.30 in the morning.

And this year will be no exception...

June 22, 2009

Her first idea was...

As Alice once said, the seaside always works this way: the railway station, then the beach, then the sea. So, in that case it's all the way round: the sea, the beach, the station. That meens, i can go back by railway.
And off we go!