June 24, 2009

The Harbour

So,..trips, travels, voyages, escapes, roadmovies: all of that has to start at some point. Well, mine is somewhere beyond the sea. I live on an island, though i don't actually realise it, and although i see seagulls everyday, the beach eather isn't the routine. It's more of wide streets, bridges, underground tunnels, labyrinths of well-courtyards.

If you mix Amsterdam and Venice, and make it colder, bigger, and more baroque, you'll know what i mean here. It's charming, especially now, water splashing against the granite, light at night-time, fancy houses and terrace cafes. And the summer dresses, of course.

By some strange coincidence, i usually take off at night, so, if it's a train, i have to make it to the station before the metro closes at 0.30 or so, and if it's a plane (and the airport is on the other bank), i'm tied to the bridges and navigation schedule, cause you can't cross the big river between 1.30 and 4.30 in the morning.

And this year will be no exception...


  1. оох, все по заморски

  2. )так и для заморских ридеров тоже

  3. Travelling, it seems, never ends but is halted sometimes by stops, stops that end by begining to move...and after that, well, what is the destination?