June 28, 2009


Packing stuff. The only good thing about it is, if you have enough time, you get to try on all of the pretty summer clothes your wardrobe keeps in secret during the long cold winter. And there is also something graphic about arranging piles of things on your bed before they go down your bag.
Here are some parts of the travel checklist:

what i'll de needing for sure

1. umbrella/waterproof coat
2. sweater
3. big sunglasses, for the chilly regions' sun has a temper

what i should not even consider packing

1. high healed shoes (that i don't own anyway)
[paved streets mainly]
2. thick beautifully written book
[will have no time to enjoy it properly]
3. iron, even a small one
[cloth wrinckles carry the sweet trace of the air transportation]

Now, when the bag is almost done, D. is off to comply with the indispensable cosy farewell dinner with friends...

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