July 12, 2009

Cherry words - pull one, get a bunch!!

Here's a short academic post. I'm in Santiago taking a summer course of the Galician language and collecting material for my thesis. The idea is to translate a Galician book of short stories to Russian. We're in the middle of discussing it with the author, but i think i have his permission.Hehey!!

So, i'm having classes with ILGA at the Facultade de Xeografía e Historia, at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, working at the library sometimes, cause we are supposed to wright several pages for each block of lectures. When they close the library i sometimes go to a bar near some praza.
Last week i went to Centro de Investigacón Ramón Piñeiro to interview Xesús Ferro, a major Galician fraseologist. He gave me some bibliographic advice, and now i have to visit the Universidade de Vigo, because the translation department is over there.

And on our lunch bracke on the lawn at Bonaval girls talk linguistics))No matter how boring all this may sound, i'm quite enjoying it!

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