July 5, 2009

Why the hell...!?!?

My 5 reasons

1. The galician language is a beautiful means of communication. It sounds like the waves of the sea, running softly one after another to the wild beach.

(ILGA students in line to get the grant papers)

2. A lovely international bunch of friends, though not all of them are around this year. L'auberge español has already shown the world how much fun it can be. And, btw, the flat is just like in the movie.

3. Summer adventures have to take place in the unique places. And SCQ is one of a kind, with all the necesary details - partying, food, culture..

4. A strong desire and an ungent need 0f a change, fresh air, celebration and a burst of energy.

(i'm on holiday!!)

5. I'm hopelessly in love with this little atlantic green corner of land.


  1. dende o piso vese a catedral? e non me invitaches xa ?

  2. veña, para un 5 o'clock)))che fago un teciño coa tetera eléctica!!